Our Values

Shambhala is a Centre of awakening to all levels of self from the physical to the spiritual.


We hold the flame that inspires a whole-hearted commitment to the unfolding self towards a positive state of wellbeing by opening the door to your inner temple to touch your infinite self and ignite the spark of life.   


Our growing community of practitioners support and honour the individuals journey, whilst holding the light in the darkness, as one steps towards the embrace of the healing heart.


When healing occurs there is a strong desire to take your heart into the world and manifest your purpose through your individual gift to the world.

Shambhala is a Tibetan word meaning a place of peace, tranquility and happiness. Also known as the rainbow bridge between worlds.

Visionary Keeper 

of the Flame

Sharon’s life experience and creative flair found her owning a successful business at age 21, then she embarked into the advertising and design industry as well as a personal assistant to leading International speakers.


Sharon's curiosity to find out "what makes us who we are" led her on a 30 year journey of human exploration, delving into the fields of personal and spiritual development.


Sharon has always walked the path between two worlds from the physical to the metaphysical, as a businesswoman in finance and as a gifted intuitive reader, guide, teacher, storyteller.


She has facilitated workshops in meditation, ancient wisdom and metaphysical principles. Her greatest strength is in nurturing and connecting people to grow by inspiring them to have the courage to be their authentic self.  


For Sharon, there is no greater joy than witnessing first hand a person’s journey of self discovery and transformation.


Sharon is also a co-creator of Melbourne Inspiration Day which celebrates the resilience of the human spirit with the power of personal stories to inspire you, with live music to move you and creative dance to uplift you.

Sharon Goyen
Co-Founder & Visionary

Turning a Vision

into Reality

Stan is the strength behind the scenes, with a “Can Do” attitude and the ability to get the job done.

He brings practical and technical expertise with a down to earth nature that enables our vision to be realised.

He has a diploma in Reflexology and combines his experience as a healer, having studied Pranic healing, Chiron and Quantum Healing.


His other passion is the use and understanding of

'The Liquid Crystals' vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals. They are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and thus Physical imbalance. Stan has helped many people using the Liquid Crystal as an advanced practitioner and inspires others as a Teacher of The Liquid Crystals Level 1 practitioners. 

Professionally, Stan is a qualified tradesman and handyman who can fix just about anything. He is hard working, honest and generous and loves to have a chat. 

Stan Manaszczuk
Co-Founder & Creator

What cooks our veggies!

"What cooks our veggies" is a passion that was born out of our own personal journeys of self discovery. On these journeys sparked a realisation, that we often champion those on the outer journey to succeed and yet the inner journey can be a lone one, and many are discouraged to keep going.


So we decided to create a place where people could come and be encouraged to take the path less travelled. To cheer them on to rediscover their infinite self that is connected to all living things. 

Shambhala Centre provides a nurturing oasis and inspiring 

environment to learn, heal and grow.  All our services and courses serve to awaken you to your spirit, to become a master of your own destiny and to live out your highest potential.

Our vision is a world that co-creates with divinity and elevates the consciousness of the planet to embrace oneness. 

Shambhala Centre Pty Ltd

40 Bridge Street, Bulleen, VIC, Australia 3105

info@shambhalacentre.com.au | 03 9042 8017

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